Yeshivat Branco Weiss Chaarei Rahamim

Yeshivat Chaarei Rahamim was founded around 30 years ago by Rabbi Rahamim Naouri of blessed memory, who was a Presiding Judge of the Rabbinical Court in Paris and a Rabbi in Algeria. Rabbi Naouri was extremely active in the educational field. So, his children and students decided to found a yeshiva that would continue his activities.

The Yeshiva takes the current form of a high school yeshiva and it was founded around 10 years ago by Rabbi Naouri’s son, the Grand Rabbi and Head of the Yeshiva, Yehuda Naouri. This he did with the aim of providing the opportunity to combine Judaic and secular studies to a broad spectrum of students affiliated with the Haredi and religious populace.

The Yeshiva is situated in Sanhendria, in Jerusalem. For students residing outside the city there is the possibility of in-house boarding. The majority of students are from Jerusalem and its environs.

Students of the Yeshiva range from grades 9 through 12 and they learn in an intimate family setting. Since a typical class comprises around 20 students, it is possible to provide the individualized attention each requires for achieving his personal excellence.

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Our Credo

We believe in a synthesis of Torah and general studies from the outset. We believe that our graduates should be Jews imbued with faith who contribute to the People of Israel in all its facets, each in his own way: in the Yeshiva, in academia, in the military and in all other areas, this with a view of giving of oneself as part of a personal contribution to the People of Israel.

We believe in the importance of building one’s personality during his teenage years, through learning, religious and educational experiences, making an investment in the social framework and by giving to the community.

We believe in partnerships: the students’ involvement in decisions concerning the Yeshiva. As such, there exists a student council that is collectively representative of all grades and is elected by popular vote. It frequently meets with the administrative faculty to think jointly, to confer and to plan the year and its challenges in tandem.

Parents partner with the Yeshiva staff, accompanied by their sons, with joint goals in mind.

We believe and educate to the need of respecting all strata of Israeli society, with the perspective that each stratum contributes its part to the whole of the People of Israel.

We believe that each student can excel at his own level and achieve a personally satisfying level of study.

We believe that every student must be allowed, upon completion of his studies, to choose his own educational and professional path. With this goal in mind, we strive to provide our students with the opportunity to obtain high level matriculation scores.

The Yeshiva approach reflects that of a long line of North African rabbis, who taught that the enlightenment of Torah should be combined with general studies and with a connection to the Land of Israel and to the People of Israel and that these should be premised on a respect that extends to all of its facets.



The Student Population

The Yeshiva is geared towards graduates of Judaic studies, state-sponsored religious schools and small yeshivas. Our students come from diverse Jewish ethnicities and you will find those of Sephardic (North African), Ashkenazic (Eastern European), Lithuanian and Hasidic extraction learning together in a family environment.

The Yeshiva also offers an academic preparatory program for graduates of small yeshivas to prepare them in high level Judaic studies as part of an intensive one year course for obtaining full matriculation credentials.

Some of our students are new or veteran immigrants from France that feel the Yeshiva offers them the opportunity to follow along a natural progression of the path laid-out by Rabbi Naouri.

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The Educational Staff

The Head of the Yeshiva, Rabbi Yehuda Naouri, descendant of a sacred line of predecessors, continues the path set out by his father. He does so by educating Israelis in the importance of faith and of a depth of Torah understanding that encompasses all aspects of life. While Rabbi Naouri is a disciple of the Rabbis Nahmani, Mordechai Attiyah and Ashkenazi, of blessed memory, and has rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Shalom Mashash, of blessed memory, he has scrupulously adhered to the practice of his work existing side-by-side with his regular Torah studies, based on the principle: “Make your Torah studies permanent and your work temporary.”

The Yeshiva Administrator: Rabbi Hony Azoulay is a graduate of the Yeshiva “Hechal Eliyahu” and the Jerusalem College (Michlala). He is ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.


Rabbi Yizhak Dadon is a graduate of the Yeshiva “Mercaz Harav.” He is a scholar who has authored numerous books and is a Fellow of the “Halachah Berurah” Institute. The 12th graders of Rabbi Dadon’s class benefit from his high level of teaching and excellent direction.

Rabbi Mordechai Biton is a graduate of the Kollels of Rabbis Eliyahu and Ovadia and is an ordained rabbi. Rabbi Biton possesses vast educational experience, is a member of the European Rabbinical Center and has been involved for many years in bringing Jews of different walks of life closer together. He is a member of the Yeshiva’s administrative staff.

Rabbi Asher Gross is a graduate of the Yeshiva “כרם ביבנה” , the “מרץ” Kollel and the Jerusalem College. Rabbi Gross is the is the school’s educational adviser. He is a member of the Yeshiva’s administrative staff.

Rabbi Yehuda Kissous is a graduate of the Yeshiva “Netivot Hatorah” and “Ahva” College. He teaches 9th grade students. Rabbi Kissou’s well-spring of patience is instrumental in assisting the incoming students, who are now faced with adjusting from a Talmud Torah to a Yeshiva high-school environment – a transition that is not always easy as “soft” as possible. The entire teaching staff that is responsible for preparing the students for their matriculation requirements is professional and experienced, each of its member in his own respective field, and is recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education.

The Yeshiva’s reputation with the Ministry of Education is one of professionalism, in the eligibility of its students to matriculate, the positive results their students produce and the annual scores for which they receive recognition.





Baruch Hashem, we have had the privilege of seeing all of our graduates to date continue along a path of Torah and Derech Eretz, some of whom have already established families, are involved in learning and are occupied in making a living. Following their time in our Yeshiva, all of our graduates have succeeded in integrating in settings that are excellent. These include several who are involved in Hesder Yeshivot in which Torah learning is combined with military service; others who are at the “Machon Lev” college in Jerusalem – in which academic and military service is combined; and still others serving in religious and Haredi units in the army. There are those who are involved in active combat service in the Haredi battalion “Netzah Yehuda.” There are additional paths of excellence that our graduates have chosen to pursue.



Matriculation and Tracks

The Yeshiva offers approximately 30 units of study, along with a track for studying either computer science or communications. In addition, there is an electronics track that enables students to continue their studies to the 13th or 14th levels for a practical engineering degree. Math and English are offered at the academic levels of 3, 4 or 5 matriculation credits, respectively.


An Educational Network

The Yeshiva is part of the Branco Weiss network, one of the highest quality educational networks in Israel.

The Branco Weiss Institute for the Fostering of Thinking was founded in 1990 by Dr. Branco Weiss and Dr. Dan Stern, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education. It has the goal of promoting educational capabilities and of developing beneficial modes of thinking amongst students and teachers of Israel.

The Institute develops executive-applicable platforms that provide a dynamic and relevant response to the needs of students and of educational staff both for schools belonging to the Branco Weiss network and for Branco Weiss programs involving students and educational staff throughout Israel.


Studies and the Daily Schedule

Studies take place from Sunday through Thursday.

The Yeshiva day begins with the morning Shacharit prayers at 7:45, in which all students of the Yeshiva and teacher-heads take part.

Following breakfast there are Judaic studies throughout the morning. These take on the form of either lectures or of “Chavruta” learning in which graduate mentors are paired with students. The afternoon hours are devoted to the study of secular subjects.

The study program includes a wealth of activities of a social, Torah and experiential nature, geared to the building of a healthy personality endowed with belief and with a connection to the People of Israel and its Torah principles as expressed in the Land of Israel.

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