Our Kind of Education

For 26 years, the Branco Weiss Institute has been a leader in developing and implementing innovative educational methods that respond to the changing realities of the twenty-first century in Israel.

Teaching for Understanding

In the twenty-first century, knowledge is not enough. We need the ability to think with knowledge, connect it to existing knowledge, and apply it in a variety of contexts.

In Israel, the Branco Weiss Institute is a leader in teaching for understanding, using constructivist methods that emphasize active learning that develops skills for thinking, writing, managing information, participating in discussions, lecturing, and more. A key part of this approach is the integration of “understanding performances” — such as processing information, asking questions, making comparisons, supporting arguments, writing critically, etc. — into the learning process.

To enable this kind of learning, we promote experiential learning in schools, through a process that includes asking questions, creativity, and independent thinking, along with collaboration and dialogue—skills that will help pupils in the present and the future.

 Individualized Learning

The process of instruction in small groups is based on a holistic view of the pupil.
The teaching and learning process is based on the constructivist approach, according to which people learn well only when they build their knowledge and understanding on their own and then apply it.

Branco Weiss has developed methods of individual instruction in which the educational staff sees each pupil, and identifies their unique personal, social, and educational needs; Then an educational program is tailored to each pupil that allows he or she to develop, feel, and be their best. These solutions provide all the pupils with the support they need to be able to become the best they can be.

Investing in Our Teachers

The role of teachers has expanded in the twenty-first century, as a new culture of instruction and learning challenges the teaching profession.

Today, educators have to guide their pupils to discover and create knowledge from a diverse range of information sources. They have to supervise active and interactive inquiry that employs different styles and use a variety of teaching methods in order to instill thinking processes, encourage creativity and artistic endeavor, work in high-tech learning environments, and more.

Branco Weiss devises relevant and meaningful state-of-the-art methods of instruction for teachers, pupils, and their communities, and implements them via several channels: in our schools and programs, and in our inservice teacher instruction.