Measuring Effectiveness – Providing Professional Dialogue


Constant evaluation of the effectiveness of our work, in all our activities, is of the greatest importance for promoting excellence the Branco Weiss way. We have developed tools to measure and evaluate scholastic as well as personal, emotional, and social aspects of pupils’ achievements and behavior. That way we can learn from our experiences and conduct an ongoing professional dialogue about the quality and effectiveness of our educational endeavors.


The Branco Weiss evaluation unit encourages the professionalization of the Institute and other organizations active in the field of education in several ways:


  1. Measuring the effectiveness of our activites
  2. Encouraging a significant professional dialogue among the educational staff, based on reliable and diverse data from both qualitative and quantitative sources
  3. Inculcating work strategies that have been found useful, based on evaluations of the effectiveness of our activities
  4. Disseminating the practical professional knowledge accumulated by the Institute’s units
  5. Developing measurement and evaluation tools suitable for the Institute’s activities in the scholastic, personal-emotional, and social dimensions.


Evaluation programs are designed in collaboration with the relevant members of the staff. At the end of the year, after the findings have been compiled and analyzed, operative conclusions are drawn and incorporated in the Institute’s work plans.



book evaluation

Evaluation in the Branco Weiss Institute: From Social Vision to Educational Practice


An article presenting the unique development of the evaluation unit at the Branco Weiss Institute. The article describes the evaluation unit at the Institute as a democratic and culturally responsive mechanism that promotes social justice through the participation of all stakeholders in an ongoing dialogue that generates new knowledge for the organization and its programs.


See: Lustig, R., Ben Baruch-Koskas, S., Makhani-Belkin, T., & Hirsch, T. (2015). “BWI 2015-New_Directions_for_Evaluation“. In B. Rosenstein & H. Desivilya Syna (Eds.), Evaluation and Social Justice in Complex sociopolitical Contexts. New Directions for Evaluation, 146, 95–105.


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