Annual Conference

Every year, the Branco Weiss Institute holds its annual Branco Weiss Conference on Education, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education.

The conference is attended by 700 leading Israeli educators; most of them are teachers, some are policymakers from the Education Ministry and the field of education in Israel in general.

The conference emphasizes the presentation and application of innovative teaching methods and provides a platform for teachers and workers in the field.

Teaching for understanding

The Branco Weiss Conference, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education — the Pedagogical Secretariat, November 28, 2013



  • Shaping Understanding in a Lesson;
  • Planning Understanding-Rich Lessons;
  • Asking Questions and Dialogue to Promote Understanding;
  • Writing that Generates Understanding;
  • Understanding in Small-Group Instruction;
  • Evidence of Understanding: Product-Driven Instruction;
  • Active Learning Pedagogies;
  • From Frontal Teaching to Technological Teaching—the Evolution of Active Learning;
  • Technology in the Classroom as a Platform for Pupil Involvement in Learning;
  • How Do We Understand Science?
  • Understanding with the Right Brain;
  • Games and Understanding in Mathematics;
  • Changes in the School to Foster Understanding;
  • Assessment Alternatives to Replace Standard Matriculation Exams;
  • Designing a Culture of Teaching for Understanding in System-Wide Contexts;
  • Understanding from Another Place: Teaching Youth At-Risk;
  • Socially Conscious Education from a Constructivist Perspective;
  • the Meaning of Education


גלריית תמונות כנס 2014

Meaningful Teaching and the Meaning of Teaching: Professional Development of Teachers

Ministry of Education — Division for the Professional Development of Educators, and the Branco Weiss Institute, March 30, 2015



  • Methods of Instruction that Entice Learning;
  • Unique Approaches for Meaningful Teaching;
  • Research-Based Teaching to Generate Meaning;
  • Holding a Class: Teaching that Generates Meaningful Classroom Interactions;
  • Teaching Methods for the Lone Pupil;
  • Teaching Out of the Box;
  • Spearheading Change in the School Teaching Culture;
  • Communities of Learning Teachers;
  • Pedagogical Flexibility in Professional Development in the Central District;
  • Incubators for Teachers’ Professional Development;
  • Visual Presentations of Information that Promote Meaningful Learning;
  • Professional Development based on Filmed Classes;
  • Professional Development Out of the Box;
  • Collaborations to Promote Teachers’ Professional Development;
  • the Meaning of Teaching


הרצאת הפתיחה

גלריית תמונות כנס 2015