The Branco Weiss Institute publishes the best original and translated literature on education and thinking and learning skills. The Institute keeps Israeli readers informed of the most up-to-date topics in educational endeavors around the world, so they may serve as a platform for promoting innovative teaching and thinking methods in the educational system.

Here is a partial list of the books we have published in Hebrew.


Teaching and Learning

A Different Kind of Classroom / Robert J. Marzano
In Search of Understanding: The Case for Constructive Classrooms / Jacqueline Grennon Brooks, Martin G. Brooks
Marching to Different Drummers / Pat Burke Guild and Stephen Garger
New Approaches to Learning / Yoram Harpaz (ed.)
Smart Schools / David N. Perkins
Teaching and Learning in a Community of Thinking / Yoram Harpaz (ed.)
Teaching for Understanding / Martha Stone Wiske
What’s Worth Fighting for in School / Michael Fullan, Andy Hargreaves


Creative, Inventive and Lateral thinking

Archimedes’ Bathtub / David Perkins
CORT Thinking Program, books 1-6 / Edward de Bono
Creative Problem Solving / Donald J. Treffinger et al.
Entrepreneurial Thinking / Arye Peled, Gideon Vennor
Innovation Inc / Stephen Grossman, Moore, Rodgers
Innovation Inc – A Teacher’s Guide / Dov Ankona, Ayelet Levi
Inventive Thinking / Yarden Ben Horin
Serious Creativity / Edward de Bono
Teaching Thinking / Edward de Bono

Development of Thinking

Basic Thinking Tools for Solving Math Problems / Dalya Sharon
Cognitive Caching / Arthur L. L. Costa, Robert J. Garmston
Creating the Thoughtful Classroom / Daniel J. Udall, Joan E. Daniels, Stacey Lynn (ed.), Emily Disante (ed.)
Dimensions of Thinking / Robert J. Marzano et al.
Infusing Critical and Creative Thinking into Content Instruction, Books 1-3 / Robert J. Swartz, Sandra Parks, Stephen D. Fischer
Landscapes of Mind / David Perkins
Learning, Thinking and Learning to Think / Anat Zohar
Teach Your Child How to Think / Edward de Bono
The Thinking Classroom / Shari Tishman, Eileen Jay, David Perkins
Thinking Skills for Toddlers / Nava Cohen
The Young Thinker / Dana Ganihar, Smadar Cahana


Critical Thinking

I Am Right – You Are Wrong / Edward de Bono
Inductive and Deductive Thinking / Aharon
Informal Logic / Berg J.
Problem Solving and Comprehension / Arthur Whimbey, Jack Lochhead


Brain-Based Learning and Psychology

Celebration of Neurons / Robert Sylvester
The Feeling of What Happens / Antonio R. Damasio
Metaphors of Mind / Robert J. Sternberg
Motivating Learning / Yoram Harpaz (ed.)
Multiple Intelligences / Howard E. Gardner
Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom / Thomas Armstrong
Teaching with the Brain in Mind / Eric Jensen
Successful Intelligence / Robert J. Sternberg
Thought and Culture / Lev Vygotzky