Programs for Students


Fulfilling the Potential of Every student

As part of our social commitment to educating teenagers from the periphery and providing solutions for disadvantaged children, the Branco Weiss Institute operates intervention programs in schools and other educational frameworks aimed at empowering students and promoting their scholastic success. These frameworks include teacher supervision and tutoring, individualized personal coaching for students, and working for the community to enhance students’ personal and social sense of belonging. 


The programs are modular and tailor-fitted to schools and their specific needs and vision.


Collaborating is the Key to Success

The programs are run in partnership with all the local educational agents: the local authority, the principals, and the school staff. We believe that the active collaboration of all parties has a decisive impact on the program’s success. This collaboration takes the form of joint decision-making, formulating agreed-on policy, and the development of course materials through joint learning and regular updates about events in the field.