Professional Development


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In the Branco Weiss teacher-mentoring model, a professional dialogue about issues related to instruction and learning occupies center stage. We believe that school is the true laboratory for educational innovation.


Our model encourages school teachers to serve as pedagogical leaders. They learn to lead collaborative processes with their colleagues and to conduct observations of and feedback about classroom lessons, including the use of videotaped lessons to improve and expand their didactic repertoire. They learn to run a dynamic and professional community of teachers that assumes responsibility for shaping the twenty-first century school.


Here are some of our subjects:


  • Developing pedagogical leadership in the school
  • Mentoring and advising local school systems
  • Cultivating thinking and didactic strategies
  • Using videotaped lessons to promote optimal instruction
  • Writing-based pedagogy
  • In-service courses for teachers
  • Differentiated instruction in heterogeneous classes
  • Pedagogical, personal, social, and ethical aspects of the home-room teacher’s work
  • From teacher to coach: An empowering dialogue between teacher and pupil
  • Lectures and in-service days for faculties on a variety of subjects related to pedagogy and education


The programs are modular and tailor-fitted to schools and their specific needs and vision.




Training of the kind we get at Branco Weiss –

I never had it before and I don’t think there is any other institution

that does anything similar.

(Karen, A Math teacher)