Schools for At-risk Students


For the past 15 years, the Branco Weiss school model for at-risk pupils has provided a response for marginalized and at-risk teenagers. These are small schools (maximum enrollment of 120) with no more than 15 pupils in each study group. And this is what is special about them:


Individualized instruction and exceptional learning experiences

Each pupil has an individual curriculum based on materials that increase in difficulty and lead by a carefully supervised to passing the matriculation exam. The program includes both academic and vocational subjects as well as special fields such as cooking, horse care, or cinema, and volunteer activities on behalf of the community.


High expectations and clear boundaries

The schools have high expectations of their pupils and set corresponding requirements, both scholastic and behavioral. High demands express respect for the pupils and send them the message that the system believes they can meet these expectations.


Principals and teachers take full responsibility for every student

Throughout the day (and not only during school hours) in every aspect of their lives: personal, social, and familial. Pupils know that there is an adult who is committed to them, who is aware of the difficulties and challenges they face, and who stands besides them whenever needed. This ranges from providing them a hot lunch every day to helping them in interactions with the criminal justice system and providing support in difficult life circumstances and interpersonal relationships.


The school’s faculties are given constant guidance,

supported and mentored in their challenging work. Every staff member learns and develops constantly, in his or her subject of instruction as well as in approaches for dealing with teenagers at risk.




Paving a Path for Every Child

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Our Schools

Branco Weiss Alon Center,
Branco Weiss Beit Ariel,
Beer Sheva
Branco Weiss Eilat,
Branco Weiss Etgari,
Beit Shemesh
Branco Weiss Golan-Katzrin,
Branco Weiss Jacqueline Kahanoff,
Branco Weiss Kiryat Shmona,
Kiryat Shmona
Branco Weiss Maof,
Modiin, Maccbim, Reut
Branco Weiss Meom HaGalil,
Merom HaGalil
Branco Weiss Ofek,
Maale Adumim
Branco Weiss Or Yehuda,
Or Yehuda
Branco Weiss  Ramla,
Branco Weiss Shuster,
Branco Weiss Tachkemoni,